Sunday, November 23, 2008

if you haven't picked up on this already

i'm not going to post anymore...

just not into this right now

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Should I call this post "Are you ready for some football?" Nah...

My team for 2008:

Philip Rivers, SD QB
Joseph Addai, Ind RB
Darren McFadden, Oak RB
Fred Taylor, Jac RB
Donald Driver, GB WR
Donte' Stallworth, Cle WR
Vernon Davis, SF TE
Jeff Reed, Pit K
Ari D/ST
Brodie Croyle, KC QB
Kenny Watson, Cin RB
Devin Hester, Chi WR
Ted Ginn Jr., Mia WR
Shaun McDonald, Det WR
Taylor Mehlhaff, NO K
Anthony Fasano, Mia TE

Sunday, August 10, 2008


If you read my Twitter posts to the right of this blog, you could tell last week was pretty crazy for me and some of the other staff and volunteers at LCBC. Thursday and Friday was Willow Creek's Leadership Summit which broadcasts a live satellite feed all over North America. LCBC was one of those sites and I was asked to produce the conference for our site. There is about a year of preparation on Willow's end for the yearly conference, and roughly 6 months of off and on prep work from several people at each site. It was satisfing to see everything go off well but there was a portion of the summit that was even more satisfing.

A few months ago we found out that LCBC was one of three finalists for the Couragous Leadership award, which is a yearly search for church communities that are looking to make a dent in the AIDS epidemic in Africa. Friday, during one of the sessions of the summit we found out that our church was the winner this year! With that comes a $100,000 grant to continue the work which is being done.

Jason has a great post that describes the excitement that filled the room during the presentation.

The thing that caught my attention regarding the whole deal were the judges comments regarding the prize:

“Very powerful ministry in one of the most theologically conservative areas of the country. Launched with the vision of a senior pastor whose heart was given to this emergency and carried by an entire congregation, LCBC has coalesced business and religious leaders in their community, inviting them to join in their AIDS initiative. Their drive to understand the impact of AIDS and inspire others to appropriate means of involvement is inspiring. To the citizens of a Kenya community, they could not come at a better time.”

I am just so thankful to God that I am able to be a part of what he is doing in Lancaster, the Susquehanna Valley and around the world. And like David said this morning, I just want to continue to be a part of the ride and not screw things up!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Friday's Set List

Someone at the concert kept track of the set, here it is:

Life In Technicolor
Violet Hill
In My Place
Viva La Vida
Fix You
Strawberry Swing
Chinese Sleep Chant (side stage)
God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (side stage/techno version) (*this was sweet!)
Speed Of Sound

(From section 104)
The Scientist (Acoustic)
Death Will Never Conquer (Will - Acoustic)


Lovers In Japan
Death And All His Friends
The Escapist

Encore 2:

Green Eyes
The Dubliners (*new)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Viva la Coldplay

So last night was very cool! The concert wasn't overly production heavy like the "Twisted Logic" tour was, it seemed like the realized that the songs are able to drive the show. We had great seats, and it turned out that the band ran through the crowd and preformed 20 feet behind Megan and I. Check out our pictures. (Click on them for a larger view)

That balloonish orb floating it the top right is a video screen

Yes that is a 40x60 foot screen behind them!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Office

With things growing so quickly here at LCBC office space is limited to say the least. While working for our student ministry I worked with 4 other people in a office that was formerly a bathroom. It was either way too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter...not fun. Now I have moved to a new office (pictured below). It is also a bathroom (kinda). We have a green room behind our main auditorium and attached to the green room are mens and womens make-up rooms and restrooms. I am now in the men's makeup room between the green room and restroom. But my setup is pretty sweet right now. Check it out.

Below is a pciture of the sound board I work with most often now. It is a Yamaha PM1D. I help our volunteers mix wireless in-ear monitors for our bands weekly. She is gorgeous!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My run...

I am still on my challenge to keep running at least 4 days a week. The highlights of my run in pictures (not actually from my run).